The Kindest Cut: How One Hospital Lowered Costs by Making Doctors More Budget Conscious

These articles from Time are very telling. If you read the three I’ve reposted you’ll get a real good idea why we are over paying for ANYTHING HEALTHCARE.

Health & Family

Give a surgeon the choice between a $5 silk stitch and a $400 staple to close up an incision, and he’ll choose the $5 stitch, right?

Not necessarily. The problem is, most surgeons never know that the stitch costs $5 and the staple costs $400. Traditionally, knowing the costs of a stitch or a catheter or a bone screw — or any of the thousands of other supplies used during surgeries — hasn’t been part of many doctors’ medical consciousness.

Health care costs, however, have grown too massive — topping $2 trillion a year – to continue doing things the way we’ve always done them. Conscientious medical providers have no choice but to confront cost issues or become guilty bystanders to the slow deterioration of America’s health care system.

(MOREWhy Medical Bills Are Killing Us)

Meaningful change, however, can only come with knowledge. Believe it or…

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