Tips to getting the Right Health Insurance Policy at the Right Price.

by’s Randy Kelley

June 19, 2013

The following information, if used will ensure that you buy the right health insurance

policy with the benefits that you want at a price you can afford. makes choosing the right plan easy with’s state of

the art health insurance plan finder that allows you to get quotes from major carriers that

serve your local market in Texas & North Carolina. You also have the ability

to compare plan benefits offered by the insurance companies side by side. This will

allow you to see a breakdown of each plan offered, side by side plan benefits, optional

coverage and links to insurers Network of Providers. As long as you are a resident of

Texas and or North Carolina, you can use’s health insurance plan

finder free of charge, just go to click on “Get Quote”.

Before you start your search on’s website, think back to last year, how

many times did you, your spouse or children visit the doctor, urgent care or hospital.

What amount of money did you spend last year on your total health care?

You want to know what benefits and services that are “Must Haves”. If you are wanting

to start a family, then Maternity Benefits would be a Must have. Today a lot of health

insurance plans do not offer maternity coverage, it must be added in as a optional

benefit, and some companies do not offer it period. You should also look at your family

medical history. Does your father or mother have a history of hypertension (high blood

pressure), diabetes, congestive heart failure, etc.’s health insurance

plan comparison tools will allow you to easily see and compare what each of the plans

basic coverage offers side by side.

When choosing a health insurance policy deductible, folks normally try to take the lower

deductible, this will make your monthly premiums more expensive. When looking at

your plan choices in’s quoting & comparison software, Look at “Total

Out Of Pocket” or “Maximum Out Of Pocket”. This is the Total Amount that you are

responsible for – for the year, which includes your deductible, co pays & co

insurance.My rule of thumb is to think;

“In the event of a major hospitalization, what’s the most money that you can afford to

pay out of pocket without devastating your finances”? Lets say that you can afford a

total of $6,500.00. Then your health insurance plans “Total or Maximum out of pocket

should be $6500.00 or as close to that amount as possible, and or less.

Make sure you use’s provided network links to compare the plans

“Network”. If you’ve been using a primary care physician that you are comfortable with

and like and you want to continue seeing that provider, then make sure your doctor is in

the plan network before purchasing a plan. You can follow the plans “Network Links” in’s side by side comparison tool which will take you to that plans

network page where you can search for your providers to make sure they are in that

plans network. If your provider doesn’t show up by a name, address or speciality search

call the prospective plan and ask if your providers are included in their plans network.

And if you or a family member have been seeing specialist make sure to check them


Use your chosen plans network for everything, by doing so you can be assured you will

be paying the lowest cost. Going outside of your plans network your plan may cover the

charges but, at a much lower rate which means you will be paying more out of pocket.

When you’re comparing plans using’s plan finder and plan comparison

tools, make sure you check your chosen plans prescription drug plan. You will want to

see the plans out of pocket cost; deductible, co pays, drug tiers.

Today insurance companies in the individual health insurance market provide a wide

variety of optional benefits. Companies may offer what is called Base coverage or plan

minimum coverage, if you want – for example maternity or prescription drug coverage

you will have to add it to their plans base coverage. They do this to allow people to

better design a health insurance plan that is tailored to your individual needs. So, take

your time when looking over and comparing each plans benefits. At

we provide you the tools to do all of your research so you can get educated and learn

what options are available to you. has available to you FREE of

charge expert licensed health insurance agents to help you in any way that you need

assistance. Please allow the opportunity to work with you on securing

your next health insurance plan, let us earn your business. If you allow our agents the

chance to help you buy the health plan thats right for you – you will like the way we do

business. no matter if you use’s plan finder tools and complete buying

your health plan on your own – or if you prefer the help of an agent, you get it all at you an also call toll free and we can get the details of your wants and

needs and our agents can run quotes and assist you by telephone. Call us toll free at



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