Get Free or Low Cost health care without insurance

If you’re sick today January 2014 feels like a hundred years away. January 1, 2014 is the date that if you enrolled in a Qualified health plan under the affordable care act aka…ObamaCare that your health insurance plans goes into effect. Meaning if you’re sick you can go to the doctor and get seen.

But, what about now, today. What do you do today if you are sick and you don’t have health insurance. Or worse yet, you are sick unemployed and have no health insurance. Well here is help. I know, I know, what you are saying. Randy are you nuts?! You sell health insurance, why are you telling folks how to go to the doctor without buying health insurance? My answer is…. I care, I’ve been there. I feel for you – if you’re sick now, you want to feel better quickly. You don’t care about anything else, especially buying insurance, right? Well here is all that you need to do.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration provides a website that allows you to search for health care providers that will take care of you whether you are sick or not, whether you have insurance or not. You only pay what you can afford. So here you go. Visit

HRSA health centers care for you, even if you have no health insurance. You pay what you can afford, based on your income. Health centers provide:

1). checkups when you’re well

2). treatment when you’re sick

3). complete care when you’re pregnant

4). immunizations and checkups for your children

5). dental care and prescription drugs for your family

6). mental health and substance abuse care if you need it

Health centers are in most cities and many rural areas. Type in your address and click the “Find

Health Centers'” button to find health centers near you.

I hope this will be found online and help those that need it. And when you need to buy health, life, disability or any other type of insurance, I would appreciate it if you allow me the opportunity to compete for your business. You can visit my online agency websites at

Thanks God Bless and Good Luck.


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