Save 40% for 48 Hours

Here is a great deal on Cloud Storage. Go to bottom and compare
The major players price and storage.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Pogoplug CEO <msupport>
Date: August 28, 2013, 6:54:35 PM CDT
To: kelleytx
Subject: Save 40% for 48 Hours

Pogoplug Cloud: Save 40% for 48 Hours

Save 40% for 48 Hours

Unlimited cloud for your phone, tablet & PC: $29/year

Go Unlimited

Save 40%
Hi there,

I am absolutely blown away by the overwhelming demand for our 40% off deal on unlimited storage for your phone, tablet and computer.

For 48 hours, Pogoplug is offering unlimited cloud storage for only $29 for the first year (reg. $49.95). Share this deal with your friends—they will thank you:

What do I get?

  • Put all your files, photos, music and movies in one safe place
  • Back up your computer and your phone—wirelessly and automatically
  • Share anything with anyone instantly
  • Stream music and movies to any device, anywhere
  • Never worry about storage limits or file size restrictions

How good is this offer?

Other companies charge $100 or more for just 100GB. Check out the comparison chart below.

Total Storage Unlimited 500GB 1TB 100GB 100GB 55GB
Max File Size Unlimited 300MB via web 10GB 2GB 5GB Unlimited
Price Per Year $29 $499 $600 $50 $120 $100

This offer expires in two days, so don’t miss out—upgrade today and spread the word!


Daniel Putterman
CEO and President

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