Protect your PayCheck

Honestly answer these Questions:

1). Do you have Car Insurance?
2). Do you have Home Owners or Renters Insurance?
3). Do you have health insurance?
4). Do you have LIFE Insurance?

If you can answer 4 out of 4 you’ve a decent insurance portfolio. There is one (1) other insurance product that should be a MUST and if not the #1 policy you carry – it should Rank #2. Can you guess what that insurance type is?

5). Do you have PAYCHECK INSURANCE?!!!! (Disabilty).
What would happen to your way of life if you were injured or had a long lasting Illness were you couldn’t work for say 2-months. Would your way if life be changed in any way? What if you couldn’t work for 6 or 12 months -what would happen? Take a minute and watch this video. If you are serious about putting together a excellent protection portfolio call or email me. We can get together on Skype or FaceTime and allow me to conduct a full needs analysis for you. Free.

To Your Health,
Randy Kelley

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