24/7 Phone, Email or Video Access to a Physician

The Gordon Plan
$24.95 per Month for Single
$39.95 per Month for Family
PACKAGE INCLUDES: Identity theft, legal, tax advisory and tax preparation benefit package

HouseCalls247TM – 24/7 Phone, Email or Video Access to a Physician
Consult with a licensed U.S. board certified physician who can diagnose AND prescribe medication if necessary, ANYTIME, from ANYWHERE!

Pre-Negotiated Discounts on Doctor Visits, and Other Medical Related Products and Services
Your membership gives you access to a network of over 400,000 physicians including primary care and specialists, and over 45,000 supplementary providers and up to 50% discount on services such as:

  • Doctor office visits
  • Hearing (exams and devices)
  • Vision (exams, frames and lenses) including Lasik
  • Xrays, CAT scans, MRIs and other imaging services
  • Laboratory tests
  • Chiropractic care
  • Diabetic supplies
  • Out patient surgical centers
  • Wellness and fitness
  • and much more

Patient Advocate / Medical Bill Negotiator
Access to the premier patient advocacy group in the U.S. who can negotiate a reduction in any past or future medical bills.

Discount RX Card Program
RX discount drug benefit provides discounts on ALL FDA approved prescription drugs.

24/7 Access to Counseling Services
Individual and family counseling services via LifeEventsTM Counseling.

ID Theft, Legal, Tax Advisor/Preparation

This package includes one of the most comprehensive Identity theft protection packages, with Free Legal and Tax Advisory services.

This Product is NOT insurance, nor are the benefits meant to replace health insurance.

24/7 Access to a Physiciannetwork providers by 1800MD

Saves You Time AND Money

With Affordable Access Plan and HouseCalls247TM, you can consult with a licensed U.S. board certified physician 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from ANYWHERE!

This benefit allows you to connect live with a physician within minutes via phone or email. You’ll save time and money by eliminating those time consuming and costly doctor’s office visits.

Unlike the “Nurse Hotlines” offered by most health insurance companies, you will speak directly with a licensed physician who can diagnose AND prescribe medication if needed.

With your 24/7 physician access benefit you can:

  • Consult live with a U.S. board certified physician anywhere, anytime
  • Receive treatment over the phone, by email or online video, avoiding the time consuming and costly visits to the doctor’s office or expensive settings such as Emergency Rooms or Urgent Care
  • Reduce your out-of-pocket costs for medical care
  • Access to a personalized health manager which features wellness tools, symptom checker, and resource guide for almost every medical condition
  • Learn to manage disease and chronic illness to improve your health
  • Get prescribed needed medication or request emergency refills for your existing prescriptions when appropriate

Pre-Negotiated Discounts on Other Medical Related Products and Services

Your membership gives you access to a network of over 400,000 physicians including primary care and specialists, and over 45,000 supplementary providers and up to 50% discount on services such as:


  • Doctor office visits
  • Hearing (exams and devices)
  • Vision (exams, frames and lenses) including Lasik
  • Xrays, CAT scans, MRIs and other imaging services
  • Laboratory tests
  • Chiropractic care
  • Diabetic supplies
  • Out patient surgical centers
  • Wellness and fitness
  • and much more

Details of discount plan

Start saving on your prescriptions today!

  • Accepted through a nationwide network of over 59,000 pharmacies.
  • Save on all brand name and generic drugs.
  • One card automatically covers all family members
  • Instantly receive average savings of up to 65%.

MEDICAL NETWORK – Find a Provider

  • Members save with one of the largest discount networks in the nation.
  • Members save up to 30% on general medical physicians to specialists, labs to imaging.
  • Members have access to 325,000 physicians nationwide.
  • There is no limit to the number of times a member can save when visiting a participating provider.

DENTAL CARE Find a Provider

  • Save an average of 20% to 50% off of almost all General Dentist’s and Specialists’ standard fees.
  • Members get access to over 80,000 credentialed dentists nationwide.
  • Simple and convenient to use.
  • No limits on the number of times a member can see a provider.

VISION CAREFind a Provider

  • Save an average of 10% to 50% off the retail price of frames, lenses and options.
  • Save an average of 10% to 20% off of conventional contact lenses.
  • Save on LASIK and PRK Vision Correction procedures.
  • Save on eye exams and disposable contact lenses in selected areas, where approved.
  • Over 10,500 locations to choose from including both private practice providers as well as optical retailers such as Sears Optical, JC Penney Optical, Target Optical, LenCrafters, Eye Masters, For Eyes Optical, WalMart Vision and most Pearle Vision locations.
  • Save 10% off on mail order contact lens program.

MRI & IMAGINGHow it works

  • Prepay for your diagnostic imaging to save you time and money. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your MRIs and CT scans.
  • Convenient, confidential, reliable and affordable way to take control of your healthcare costs.
  • Our imaging program is affiliated with the country’s major fully accredited medical imaging centers.
  • Quality and deeply discounted rates are guaranted!

LAB SAVINGSCheck out the pricing for lab tests

  • Lab tests – deeply discounted rates
  • Convenient, confidential, and affordable way for consumers to take control of their healthcare costs
  • Fast: Go directly to the lab after ordering. No waiting for paperwork like other online labs.
  • Convenient: Choose the lab location that is best for you. Near home, work, or even while traveling.
  • Easy Medical Testing Online: Have the blood test(s) performed at the lab. Within 48-96 hours you will be notified of your blood test results.

SURGICAL CENTERS – To find a location near you

Pre-Negotiated Savings of 30% – 80% at some of the best surgeons and facilities throughout the US and around the world

  • Access to leading specialists utilizing the latest technologies and delivering excellent surgical outcomes.
  • A Personal Care Coordinator will guide you through the entire process.
  • Competitive travel and lodging expenses can also be arranged for you.
  • For your convenience and future planning, all fees are fixed and transparent.
  • Many procedures are available including Cardiovascular, Orthopedic, Neuro & Spine, Cancer and Bariatric.


Fine Quality Diabetic Supplies At Prices LESS Than Big Box Retailers And National Pharmacy Sale Prices.

Members Save 52 – 70% On Diabetic Supplies

  • Free Talking Meter Or Dash Meter Programs
  • 3 to 5 day UPS Ground Residential Home Delivery – No More Pharmacy Trips
  • High Quality ADVOCATE Products Strengthens The Well Card Health Brand Name
  • Major Dental, Cosmetic, IVF, and adult stem cell therapy are also available.

Patient Advocate / Medical Bill Negotiatorpowered by The Karis Group

Let an Experienced Expert Help Negotiate a Reduction to Your Medical Bill

It’s estimated over half the bankruptcies filed each year are attributed to medical bills. And many of those individuals were covered by health insurance.

Should you find yourself hit by a large medical bill your Simple Savings Medical Access Plan provides you access to the premier Patient Advocacy group, The Karis Group.

With your Simple Savings Medical Access Plan benefit, The Karis Group will negotiate/mediate your bill based on your unique circumstances. They can audit the bill to see if it’s correct, then negotiate on your behalf to get a reduction.

The Karis Group has successfully negotiated thousands of patients medical bills totaling millions of dollars of savings for their members, with an average medical bill reduction of 30%.

Save money with your Free Prescription discount program!

Includes all Prescription Drugs
Your nationally recognized RX discount drug benefit provides discounts on ALL FDA approved prescription drugs. There are no limited drug lists, no waiting periods or deductibles and your card is active the moment you present it to the pharmacy!

Significant Savings
Individual drug savings can be as high as 20% on brand and 70% on generics. In the event a pharmacy’s price is lower than our discounted price you will always receive the lowest price available.

Use at almost any Pharmacy
Your Discount Drug Card is widely accepted at over 54,000 participating pharmacies across the United States, including all national and regional chains, pharmacy associations as well many of your local community pharmacies. If your local pharmacy is not participating please have them contact member services to obtain the proper enrollment materials. The list below is just some of the most recognized pharmacies in the network.

Web Tools
Through a customized website, you can access participating pharmacies in your community, get real-time discounted pricing at the participating pharmacy of your choice, check mail order pricing, research drug information, and search for generic alternatives. You can even print a ready for use pre-activated card all from the convenience of your home!

Mail Order
Member can save even more on their prescriptions by utilizing services provided by our mail order pharmacy. Click here for a downloadable mail order form.

Everyone can Save
This plan applies to your entire family everyone deserves to save. All family members & friends are eligible for this benefit; please present your card every time you need to fill a prescription for instant savings. There are absolutely no restrictions.

Our Goal
The Simple Savings RX Prescription Drug Discount Drug Program seeks to provide substantial financial relief to the millions of Americans lacking adequate drug coverage.

24/7 Access to Counseling Services from LifeEventsTM Counseling

Counseling Services and Much More Through LifeEventsTM

There are many aspects of your life. Sometimes trying to juggle them all – work, family, parents, and life itself – can be challenging. It can be frustrating when you don’t know where to go for help, support, or just a listening ear. In those instances when you do need help, this benefit has services that can help.

You’ll be glad to know your Affordable Access Plan includes access to counseling services from Life EventsTM

Features and Services

Work and Life Resources: There is a wide range of services and direct referrals for you and your family, including resources for child care, elder care, parenting, adoption, child development and family issues; education searches; and more.

Legal and Financial Guidance: You have access to legal and financial consultation and referral services, as well as a Web-based library of information and forms.

Internet Resources: The benefit website features access to useful tools and resources, such as easy-to-find information, interactive tools, self-assessments and more, on a variety of topics.

Counseling Services: If needed, you and your eligible family members can receive counseling sessions.

The Life Events Happen to Everyone

Many people think counseling is only for people who have emotional problems. But Life Events Counseling Services are designed for anyone who could use a little help in managing demanding everyday situation. You can think of it as your “life management resource”.

Time Saving: Because the resources are in one place, using Life Events can help you efficiently manage issues that usually require substantial time and effort

Convenient and Confidential: Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Personalized: One phone call to Life Events puts you in touch with a trained professional who can guide you to resources that can address your needs.

Counseling Services: If needed, you and your eligible family members can receive counseling sessions.

Identity Theft Protection, Legal and Tax Advisory and Preparation

Identity Theft Protection

This plan provides comprehensive protection from Identity Theft including: ID theft

Keylogging Defense System™
Identity Monitoring
Identity Theft Restoration
Lost/Stolen Credit Card Assistance/Document Recovery Services
Identity Theft Insurance

Keylogging Defense System™

Our Keylogging Defense System™ eliminates online identity theft by encrypting
every keystroke at the keyboard level and then reroutes those encrypted
keystrokes directly to your browser. Our Keylogging Defense System bypasses
the multiple communication areas that are normally vulnerable to keylogging
attacks that could compromise your vital information.

Key Features of Keylogging Defense System™

  • Protects against new and existing Keyloggers
  • Encrypts keystrokes between the keyboard and the browser
  • Encrypted keystrokes sent via a separate path that is invisible
  • to Keyloggers
  • Toolbar plug-in for IE6, IE7 and Firefox
  • Monitors system so that it cannot be subverted
  • Small memory footprint
  • Does not require any spyware database updates
  • CryptoColor® technology shows you that you are protected
  • while you browse
  • Automatically turns on when browser is launched
  • Your defense system will automatically turn on every time you open
  • up a browser. Our CryptoColor® technology let’s the user know that your
  • system is protected by turning each field you type in, green. This
  • provides strong visual feedback to the user that they are operating in a
  • secure environment and their keystrokes are secure.
  • Identity Monitoring*
  • Identity Monitoring searches and monitors for past history as well as real time
  • identity frauds or threats. This service includes:
  • Secure, hassle-free identity monitoring
  • Actionable identity alerts

Our Identity Monitoring does much more than monitor credit, offering a solution
as robust as the ones used by the nation’s leading financial institutions to prevent
theft. Identity Monitoring uses innovative technology to detect misuse or even an
elevated likelihood for misuse of an individual’s Social Security number, name,
address, phone, and date of birth. By creating a SNAPD identity blueprint, this
program monitors billions of data on a daily basis from sources such as:

  • New Credit Cards
  • Wireless Carrier Applications
  • Retail Credit Card Accounts
  • Auto/Mortgage/Payday Loans
  • Checking Accounts and Check Reorders
  • Utility Accounts
  • DMV Records
  • Government Databases
  • Court Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Social Security Records

As identity fraud usually precedes identity theft, this type of proactive system is
critical to mitigating the extensive and expensive damage perpetrated after an
identity is stolen and manipulated.

Identity Theft Restoration

Upon notification of an identity theft incident, Privacy Advocates will act on behalf
of our members as a dedicated case manager to:

  • Investigate and confirm the fraudulent activity, including known,
  • unknown and potentially complicated additional sources of identity theft.
  • Complete and mail customized, pre-populated, state specific “Fraud
  • Packet” via certified mail with pre-paid return instructions.
  • Place phone calls, send electronic notifications, and prepare
  • appropriate documentation on the member’s behalf, including dispute
  • letters for defensible complaints to any and all appropriate state
  • agencies and financial institutions.
  • Issue fraud alerts and victim statements when necessary, with the
  • three consumer credit reporting agencies, the FTC, SSA, and U.S.
  • Postal Service.
  • Submit Special Limited Power of Attorney and ID Theft Affidavit to
  • involved creditors for card cancellation and new card issuance.
  • Contact, follow up and escalate issues with affected agencies,
  • creditors, financial institutions, to reinforce member’s rights.
  • Assist the member in notifying local law enforcement authorities to
  • file the appropriate official reports.
  • Utilize real time access to public records reports including DMV,
  • criminal, address changes, liens, and judgments for further investigation
  • where applicable.
  • Provide peace of mind and resolution of key issues from start to
  • finish as swiftly as possible.
  • Provide members with a “Case Completion Kit” including copies of
  • documentation, correspondence, forms and letters for their personal
  • records.
  • Lost or Stolen Credit Card Assistance / Document Recovery Services
  • In the event their credit cards are misplaced or stolen Privacy Advocates will
  • provide members with assistance including:
  • Consult with member to determine the severity of the event
  • Obtain credit reports from each of the three major credit
  • Contact each credit card company or other financial institution with
  • the member via teleconference.
  • Cancel members affected credit cards
  • Request new replacement cards
  • Place fraud alerts with all three major credit bureaus
  • Assist members with interpreting their credit reports
  • Provide daily ID monitoring for six months to help proactively prevent
  • any additional identity fraud
  • Provide credit dispute assistance
  • Assist with additional lost items including driver’s license, library, and other membership cards.

Identity Theft Insurance*

Each member will also receive up to $25,000 worth of insurance coverage*.
Identity theft insurance is underwritten by a nationally recognized Insurance
Carrier with an “A” or better AM Best Rating. This coverage will help members
offset some of the cost of restoring their identity to its original status, including:

  • Lost wages: $500.00 per week for 4 weeks maximum
  • Re-filing of loans

Defense cost for certain civil & criminal lawsuits: Reasonable and
necessary fees incurred in the United States by the insured with carrier’s
consent for an attorney appointed by them for:

a) Defending any civil or criminal suit brought against the
insured by a creditor, collection agency or other entity acting on
behalf of a creditor for non-payment of goods or services, or
default on a loan solely as a result of a stolen identity incident.

b) Removing any civil or criminal judgment wrongfully entered
against the insured solely as a result of a stolen identity incident.

Reimbursement of fees: Reasonable and necessary costs incurred in
the United States by the insured for:

a) Re-filing applications for loans, grants or other credit
instruments that are rejected solely as a result of a stolen
identity event.

b) Notarizing affidavits or other similar documents, long
distance telephone calls and postage solely as a result of the
insured’s efforts to report a stolen identity and/or amend or
rectify records as to the insured’s true name or identity as a
result of a stolen identity incident.

c) Up to six credit reports from established credit bureaus (with
no more than two reports from any one credit bureau) dated
within 12 months after the insured’s discovery of a stolen identity

* Identity Theft Insurance is not available in NY. Restoration and Lost Credit Card
Services are available to members and their eligible dependants. Identity
Monitoring and Insurance Coverage is limited only to the member.

Unlimited Legal Care at Discounted Rates

Beyond the reimbursement of eligible defense costs, this identity theft program
provides access to unlimited discounted legal care, at capped hourly rates,
enabling members to both defend themselves and prosecute thieves.

Identity theft victims have access to a proprietary attorney network that will
represent them at the low hourly rate of $125.00, or 40% off the plan attorney’s
usual and customary hourly rate, whichever is greater, for all extended legal care.

Legal Services

Members and their family will have access to a nationwide network of plan legal help
attorneys that have contracted with Legal Club to provide free and discounted
legal services. Upon contacting our MSD, members will be referred to a plan
attorney based on language, area of law, and location.

Free Legal Services

The following nine (9) services are available at no charge from your plan

  • Initial phone consultation for each new legal matter (no time limit)
  • Initial face-to-face consultation for each new legal matter (no time limit)
  • Review of independent legal documents (6 page maximum per document,
  • no limit to the number of new independent documents)
  • Plan attorneys will prepare a free Simple Will for the member and their
  • family, as well as update the Will annually for free.
  • A state specific, web based, free Living Will form is available to Members.
  • This form can be notarized by a Notary Public. Store this document in a
  • safe location
  • Plan attorneys will help Members represent themselves in small claims
  • court
  • Assistance in solving problems with government programs, such as INS
  • and welfare
  • When deemed appropriate by the plan attorney, he or she will write letters
  • on the members behalf (one letter per legal matter, with no limit on the
  • number of new legal matters)
  • When deemed appropriate by your plan attorney, he or she will make
  • phone calls on the members behalf (one phone call per legal matter, with
  • no limit on the number of new legal matters)

*In many states, Attorney liability may require Plan Attorneys to obtain a retainer from
the member prior to providing some of the free member benefits.

Deeply Discounted Legal Services*:

The following are eight (8) commonly used legal services for which plan attorneys have
agreed to charge a one-time, deeply discounted fee.

Services Legal Members Non Legal Members
Traffic Ticket Defense $89 $199
Name Change $155 $265
Simple Will with Minors Trust $250 $530
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy $750 $1500
Non-Support (Spouse/Child) $275 $1490
Simple Divorce $275 $1100
Regular Incorporation $295 $585
Personal Real Estate Closing $250 $675

*Court costs and filing fees additional.

Guaranteed Low Hourly Rate:

Plan attorneys have contracted to never charge more than $125.00 per hour, or
when appropriate, give members a 40% discount off their usual and customary
hourly rate, which ever is greater for legal care that goes beyond the free and
discounted services described above.


In the case of extended legal care, plan attorneys may ask the member for a
retainer. Any retainer sought will be computed by multiplying the number of
hours a plan attorney believes a case will take, by the appropriate discounted
hourly plan rate. For instance; 10 hours x $125.00 = a retainer of $1,250.00. Any
unused portion of the retainer will be returned to the member.

Contingency Fee Discounts:

The contingency fee discount will be a 10% reduction of the state maximum rate
or the attorney’s usual rate, whichever is lower.

*In many states, Attorney liability may require Plan Attorneys to obtain a retainer
from the member prior to providing some of the free member benefits.

Tax Preparation & Advice

Tax Preparation and Advice provides comprehensive personal tax benefits tax help
including free tax return preparation and unlimited, toll-free, tax related advice
during normal business hours.

Additionally, members have free access to the most commonly used tax related
schedules free of charge or at a significantly discounted rate.

Tax Related Benefits

  • Unlimited advice for personal and business matters of federal
  • taxation via toll-free phone call/fax/e-mail (no time or frequency
  • limitations)
  • Free mail in tax return preparation* (includes 1040EZ, 1040A, and
  • 1040)
  • Deep Discounts on numerous tax schedules that accompany the
  • form 1040*
  • $20 off of tax returns prepared by H&R Block®
  • IRS audit assistance
  • Tax professionals will review any notice or letter issued by the IRS
  • and provide advice on how to understand and solve the matter
  • Access to web-based IRS audit tutorial, as well as an IRS notification
  • tutorial
  • IRS notification assistance
  • Tax planning
  • Review of prior year’s tax return*
  • Member portal with tax tips, tax law changes, tax organization area,
  • IRS audit area, IRS notification area and member advice online

Limited one per household

All tax and financial assistance is provided by tax attorneys, financial analysts,
CPA’s, former auditors and/or Enrolled Agents certified by the IRS. Additionally,
all tax and financial advice is backed by a $1 million liability policy.

Our team of professionals will also review a prior year’s tax return. This review
can reveal costly errors and generate a source of extra tax savings

By using our toll free number during normal business hours, you will be able to
effectively plan in advance so that your year-end tax preparation is free and
painless. Proper tax planning can:

  • Limit your potential tax liability
  • Increase your potential tax return
  • Lessen the possibility of an audit

In addition, individuals and business owners enrolled in the program will have
access around the clock to our online tax portal with:


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