My Prediction of Apple being 1st to successfully introduce the real virtual wallet & mobile payment systems.

This morning like most of my mornings I am having my cup of joe And browsing the news on my IPhone 5.

I start looking at my app “business insider”, I see a story written by Tony Danova called “Mobile is the future of payments – here’s why there’s virtually no ceiling to the opportunity”. Well, the article talks of the numbers behind mobile payments NFC (near field communications). Well toward the end if this article Danova ask “is disruption still possible”? And he said YES! Talking about NFC – and how it has failed to impress. Then he mentions that Apple’s IBeacons technology may challenge NFC.
I agree.

Then I stumble upon an article from ComputerWorld magazine by Mike Elgan, Titled “Why Apple’s indoor GPS plan is brilliant”. Mike goes on about how Apple’s Ibeacons work and how they’re competing with NFC and that he predicted over a year ago that Apple was working on a plan to KILL off the cash register and Apple’s Ibeacons is that plans name. Mikes article goes into how Apple’s Ibeacons will work and some of it’s many many uses and how much easier and less costly Ibeacons will be to implement compared to NFC.

Then I come across another article by Antone Gonsalves titled ” Why the IPhone 5s is too GOOD”. That title caught my attention I must say.
In reading Antone’s article he talks about Privacy and Apples New M7 Co -Processor how it works and all if the personal data it collects. Here is a paragraph from his article about it.
“Where Apple’s work seems almost too good is in the M7 coprocessordedicated to tracking people’s daily activity and storing the information for seven days. The data drawn from the phone’s gyroscope, compass and accelerometer sensors provides a wealth of personal details, such as when a person is walking, jogging or sleeping”.
Now my family, friends and peers know that I am whats called an Apple Fanboy, because I love everything Apple. Especially my IPhone 5 and IPad.

Well getting back to what I am trying to tell you. Putting all these articles together I found the connection…..I think, and it will be awesome. Antone also points out in this article “With the M7, the iPhone can track activity continuouslywithout draining the battery or making its presence known to the user. Now include the new TouchID Apple has included on IPhone 5 designed to protect your info that’s stored on your iPhone and the updates done to Find IPhone. Ibeacons and M7 all points to Apple quickly implementing mobile payments and more very very soon.

What’s your take on this? Let’s hear from you.


Mobile Is The Future Of Payments — Here’s Why There’s Virtually No Ceiling To The Opportunity

OCT. 18, 2013 7:00 AM

Why the iPhone 5s is too good

By Antone Gonsalves
October 17, 2013 1:17 PM EDT
Computer World


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