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Good afternoon,
Do you know what day it is?……Seriously have you shopped for health or life insurance recently online? What about shopping at the brand new “” the affordable care acts “health insurance exchange?
Since October 1st I’ve seen a ton of new tv ads about health insurance. The company below is one of those that promise you everything is so easy and inexpensive ONLY If you use them.
So, I went to there website to run a quote but before you can get a quote they want your personal info. The photos here are in backward order I mean the first picture should be the last and the last one should be the first. See for yourself. ( the gray part in the photo is my browser, you can see my favourites (Medigap Carriers,ACA Tools (Affordable Care Act) etc.

Please before you buy ANY Life or Health Insurance from anyone else give me a call or shoot me an email allow me the opportunity to help you navigate health & life insurance.

To Your Health,
Randy Kelley
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The Serenity Prayer (Prayer for Decisions)
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Change, The courage to change the things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.


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